The game is facing significant financial pressure as a result of COVID-19.  This comes at a time when the competition to own the hearts and minds of women in sport is at an all-time high.
Further, Netball’s broadcast and major commercial partnerships are due for renewal in 2021 in a media environment that’s facing its own challenges.
Faced with this reality, the sport will take steps to ensure it’s not only future proofed, but that our strategy leading into 2027, our centenary, is designed to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for the game and its stakeholders.

A bold, contemporary, sustainable and customer-led strategy supported by an operating model that ensures netball thrives. 

Yes, there is unanimous support for the Review from the NA Board. 


The panel members were selected by the Netball Australia Board following a significant phase of consultation across industry.  The panel provides an exciting mix of expertise, skills and experience and will be supported in its work by several experts in the diversity and inclusion space.

The review panel brings a broad cross-section of acumen and skills including government relations, sport, commercial, media, brand & marketing, governance, legal, ethics & human rights and advocacy.  The panel will be supported by diversity & inclusion experts. 

The reviewers are highly experienced and credible leaders. They have no vested interests and an open mind on key questions. They will be supported by an independent secretariat. 
Key stakeholders will provide data and facts where invited.
Netball Australia will coordinate a research program that captures the voices and perspectives of more than 50 different audiences across the Netball Nation.

The Review panel is independent of the Netball Australia Board.  
Whilst appointed by the Board, it has been established to provide an arms lengths perspective based on data & insights, interviews and industry knowledge.

Directors from governing bodies, volunteer coaches, umpires, officials and administrators, participants, fans, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, employees, pathway and elite athletes, sponsors, men’s and mixed competition representatives, indoor competition providers, and other interested individuals, groups and organisations.
The Review Panel will also connect with key customer and stakeholder groups including those listed above, sponsors and government partners, through a series of interview sessions. 

The timetable and procedure for making written submissions will confirmed shortly.

No, the submissions will go directly to the panel and remain confidential. 

Yes, we will publish the findings. 


The timetable is short because the sport faces immediate resourcing challenges and uncertainty about the future.
The are some major milestones approaching and already widespread appreciation that we’re in a battle to win the hearts and minds of participants and fans.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on netball at every level.   This varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Netball Australia has taken immediate steps to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19 and secure our commercial partnerships.   This has included providing additional financial support for Member Organisations and Suncorp Super Netball.
The prolonged nature of the pandemic places increasing financial stress across the whole ecosystem.

Netball Australia stood down half of its national workforce, reduced the hours of the remaining workforce and the remuneration of the executive team.  
Member Organisations and Suncorp Super Netball Clubs have taken similar steps and Suncorp Super Netball athletes have accepted a 70% reduction in payments and agreed to relocate to a hub environment in South East Queensland in order to secure the 2020 season.

The Review will consider:
Strategy for Growth
Leadership & Culture
Governance, Integration & Sustainability
The details are outlined in the Review’s Terms of Reference.

There have been many learnings across the system – first and foremost that federated systems are slow to change at every level.
Demonstrating growth in capability and capacity, successful outcomes and real value for the system will be critical to building trust in and support for change. 
Fixed mindsets challenge change.  Iterating as new initiatives and approaches roll out, maintaining momentum, testing and learning, and learning from failures will be key to future success.

This review will focus on capturing the voice of the Netball Nation in order establish a compelling and customer-led strategy towards 2027.  
For the first time, the Review will consider the whole ecosystem to investigate how we best set the sport up for the future.
We acknowledge that it will take a system to change the system and Netball Australia is committed to working with key stakeholders to ensure we’re in the best position to thrive.

Yes, this is integral to the considerations and ultimately the recommendations of the panel.

The data sets will be synthesised into a meaningful report that will be provided to the panel. 

Sport Australia recently launched its revised Sport Governance Principles. 
The Australian Institute of Company Directors also offers resources that can guide and support best practise NFP governance.

Yes, it anticipated that the Review panel will consider other codes both within Australia and globally.