Netball’s current framework reflects our rich history. Does it however, reflect what’s required to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for the game and its stakeholders?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant financial impact on the netball ecosystem and comes at a time when the competition to own the hearts and minds of women in sport is at an all-time high.

Never has our sport been under so much pressure or enjoyed so many opportunities.  And when we emerge from this major disruption to our sport, our key partners (government, commercial and philanthropic) will expect the netball ecosystem to be responsive to their changed environment and evolving consumer sentiment.

The State of the Game Review will provide a vital ‘listening post’ at a critical juncture for the sport. It is an opportunity to not only capture the pulse of the netball nation, but to understand what’s most important to netball’s diverse stakeholders, post COVID-19.

It is an opportunity to consider how to optimally configure netball for success, so that: 

  • we understand intimately why our customers chooses to play and watch Netball over other sports; and that moving forward our customers and delivery network sit at the heart of the sport’s strategic decision making;
  • we address the barriers (structural and behavioural) within our system that limit the opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to reach their full potential in the game;
  • we embrace diversity and ensure Netball is a game that is inclusive of all;
  • grassroots and community netball are protected from the investment required to support professional teams;
  • our game is configured to increase participation and drive engagement using contemporary digital means;
  • whole-of-sport data insights underpins strategy and decision making;
  • the value of our growing audience can be unlocked and reinvested in the game;
  • outdated membership models can be replaced by a customer-led, commercial approach;
  • role clarity is improved, and duplication across the system is reduced;
  • we preserve our volunteer support and engagement and transform our workforce to be more agile and insight driven, with an eye to long term thinking;
  • our revenue streams can be diversified to ensure there isn’t an over reliance or dependence on volatile revenues and grants streams.

The Netball Australia Board, in consultation with the Member Organisations, Super Netball League and Clubs, has initiated an independent review into the sport that will be shaped by a panel of four (4) highly respected leaders.  The research undertaken will be transparent, system-wide and highly consultative.

The State of the Game Review is supported by Sport Australia.  



The Panel have been asked to review and provide recommendations on the following:

Strategy for Growth

Is Netball Australia’s purpose, vision and strategy:

  • understood and endorsed, as well as aligned with, the needs of its customers and key stakeholders;
  • reflective of the sport’s priorities, risks and opportunities; and
  • singularly focused on making netball the ‘sport of choice’ for communities, talented athletes, fans, broadcasters, sponsors and government.


Leadership and Culture

How can Netball in Australia’s leadership structure, capability, behaviour and style be best shaped to deliver its role across all levels of the sport?

Governance, Integration and Sustainability

What is the optimal financial, delivery and commercial model / structure for netball in Australia and how can responsibilities be clearly divided across the eco-system to deliver the desired customer experience and long terms financial sustainability?


The Review will take into consideration:

  • The alignment between customer and stakeholder insights and the sport’s purpose, vision and strategy. 
  • Netball’s value proposition.
  • Key roadblocks within the Netball eco-system.
  • The culture of netball in Australia (Netball Australia, Super Netball and Super Netball Clubs, Member Organisations, Associations and Clubs).
  • Any other matter pertaining to the objectives, governance, financial and commercial models and the culture of Australia netball that would best serve the sport.



The State of the Game Review will capture the voice of the Netball Nation including:

  • Directors – Governing bodies (NA, MO, SSN, SSN Club, ANPA, CGF?)
  • Volunteer Workforce – coaches, umpires, bench officials
  • Volunteer Administrators – associations, clubs, regions
  • Participants of the Game
  • Fans of the Game
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • CALD communities
  • Employees – NA and MOs
  • School Ambassadors
  • Pathway and elite Athletes
  • Partners – government, commercial and philanthropic
  • External delivery networks – Indoor Netball, Australian Mens and Mixed Netball, Unisport, National/State Sporting Organisations for People with a Disability (NSOD/SSOD), PRIDE in Sport, Schools Networks.